Jen Morrisey

Jen Morrisey is LiquidPlanner's Senior Manager, Customer Success. She is passionate about world travel and loves her dog, Buckley.

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5 Steps to a Successful Rollout of LiquidPlanner

If you're rolling out LiquidPlanner to your team, this five-step guide will ensure a successful implementation within your organization....

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3 Ways New Teams Successfully Adopt LiquidPlanner

With our new Customer Success Organization, our main focus is to drive enhancements to both our product and the way we support our customers. As the leader of our Customer Success team, I speak to countless customers around the world to learn how they engage with our product. I look for the successes customers have,...

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Customer Tip: Project Creation Workflow Made Easy

We love hearing from our customers and receiving product feedback. It not only allows us to improve our online project management tool, but we also get to learn from our customers. Sometimes THEY’RE the ones teaching us a scheduling trick or two! I recently had a call with one of our longtime customers,¬†Matt Nisonger. Matt...

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