Jenna Puckett, Author at LiquidPlanner

Jenna Puckett

Jenna Puckett is an associate technology analyst at TechnologyAdvice. She covers topics related to project management, marketing automation, employee performance, and other emerging tech trends. Connect with her on LinkedIn .

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Best Practices for IT Project Managers

Depending on which “shocking project management statistics” article you read, you’ll find failure rates for large IT projects range anywhere from 31 and 96 percent. Like a game of telephone, you never know what abysmal results consultants will reveal when surveying technology project budgets, schedules, and objectives. Regardless of the exact percentage though, the message...

The 4 Worst Project Management Mistakes–and How to Avoid Them

The facts and figures don’t lie: Managing complex projects is a daunting task. Which is why there’s so much at stake in the field of project management. Despite our best efforts, the majority of large scale projects finish over budget, out of scope, and past deadlines—if they’re completed at all. If your company is suffering...


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