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Keiko has a passion for helping people and using cool technology, which is how she has found herself in customer-facing roles the past 13+ years in the technology and training industry. By day, she manages training programs for LiquidPlanner customers and team members. By night, she likes to help people with resumes, talk through career advice, and volunteering for a local tutoring program.

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Share Activities by Project

Share Activities by Project

Only Workspace Administrators can set the Shared status of an activity, and enable an Unshared activity for specific projects. What is a Shared or Unshared Activity? Shared: An activity that can be used on tasks from any project. Unshared: An activity that can only be used on tasks from designated projects. An example of an...

Your Guide to Accurately Estimating Projects

Project estimation is an invaluable tool for anticipating and managing project uncertainties. Use these techniques to get accurate project estimates....

Change or Reset Your Password

Change or Reset Your Password

Change Your Password To change your password: Click the User Menu (profile picture – in the upper right corner of the browser) Select My Profile Click the “Change password” link, just below your email address. Note: If instead of “Change Password” link on your Profile page you see “This account is using SSO” as pictured in...

4 Ways a Mentor Helps Move Your Career Forward

Even if you feel that you're on a solid path, mentors can offer that extra boost. Here are four ways a mentor can offer what you need to move in the right direction....

LiquidPlanner Mobile App Capabilities

LiquidPlanner Mobile App Capabilities

The LiquidPlanner mobile apps for iOS and Android enable team members to browse projects, participate in comment streams, view tasks, track time, edit or create new tasks, view attached files and more. The mobile app capabilities do not come with the full features that are available in the LiquidPlanner web application. See the chart below...

Top 10 LiquidPlanner Questions – and Their Answers

We love hearing from our customers. We especially love helping them learn the ins and outs of the many powerful features in LiquidPlanner so that they can, one day, achieve LP Guru status! Do you want to become an LP Guru – or at least use LiquidPlanner to its full potential? Read on to get...


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