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Kevin Crump is a former Customer Success Manager with LiquidPlanner and a long-time user of the product. He is a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in IT Projects and Operations management, including software development and testing, quality management system design and customer support.

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Project Management Challenge: Teams Are Using Different Methodologies

Using a gantt chart and burndown chart? Working between waterfall and agile? See how deciding one methodology can help your organization....

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4 Ways LiquidPlanner Is A Smarter Gantt Chart Tool

The Gantt Chart has been around for a long time. Learn how LiquidPlanner's Gantt Charts are smarter than any other Gantt Chart you've ever used....

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5 Ways LiquidPlanner Helps Manage Resources

Effective resource management is essential to the success of any project. As a busy project manager, you have enough to do keeping various plates spinning without wasting your precious time herding cats as well. In addition to the other benefits that an online project management tool brings, LiquidPlanner, a resource management tool, delivers a host...

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Here’s How to Finish Your Year Strong

With the holiday season coming into view, it’s tempting to take your foot off the gas and cruise towards the year’s end. Don’t. Instead, use these strategies to set yourself up for success in the new year....

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How to Get Buy-In for a New Project Management Tool From Your Executive Team

In business, change comes with a price. Even implementing a new tool or process that will benefit the bottom line comes with a price. That cost might be hard dollars and cents, or it might be the time needed to implement the change. But more likely, the cost of change is both money and time....

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5 Ways to Use Time Tracking to Get Ahead in Your Career

Time is a precious commodity. Many of us struggle to make the most of it—especially when work demands are fast-moving and ever-changing. But when you have a clear understanding of where and how your time is being spent, you have a better chance of working to your full potential and making a meaningful impact on...

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How LiquidPlanner integrates Resource Allocation in Project Management

Allocating resources effectively and accurately is one of the biggest challenges for any project. No team is going to have a smooth project experience when the project managers or team leaders don’t know how their team members and budgets are allocated across projects and tasks. Does this sound familiar? Manager 1: “Can I borrow Tim...

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How to Transition Your Team Over to a New Tool

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” – Stewart Brand If you’re an IT management professional, these are the glory days, aren’t they? You have at your disposal an ever-growing throng of product developers working tirelessly to meet all of your needs and...

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7 Signs the Status Quo Isn’t Working for Your Business

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill It’s very easy to get comfortable with how things are and ride them out—even when those things are bad. To a large extent we’re conditioned that way from birth, molded to fit society’s current standard way of thinking and living....

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How Automated Scheduling Helps Manage Stakeholder Expectations

“Expectations create and shape reality.” ― Debasish Mridha Of the many elements that comprise a successful project, being able to effectively manage stakeholder expectations should be very high on your list of critical must-dos as a Project Manager. Those expectations can be many, varied and at times completely divergent. Keeping all of your stakeholders aligned...

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How to Make Ranged Estimates

“Unrealistic expectations based on inaccurate estimates are the single largest cause of project failure.” – “Quality Software Project Management,” by Futrell, Shafer, and Shafer. Accurate estimation is the key to project success. If you go too big with your estimation, you run the risk of presenting a non-viable project plan because you don’t have the...

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Project Management Challenge Series: Apps and Tools Don’t Integrate

With the growth of SaaS and Shadow IT, the number of apps in a business is exploding. Teams are constantly seeking the best apps and services to enable collaboration and information sharing. At the same time, businesses need platforms to better manage the work that’s being undertaken in the organization through these applications and services....

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