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How to Stay Motivated When You’re Working on a Never-Ending Project

Completion is satisfying. Being able to cross an item off a to-do list, mark a task done, or deliver a finished project is a big part of being fulfilled at work. That’s why projects that stretch into a far-off horizon are challenging for even the most seasoned project manager. Whether you’re managing a mammoth IT...

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Seven Tips to Stay Productive During the Winter

Enduring the cold winter months can be a drag, but we should remember to stay productive and motivated during this season because we’re setting the tone (and pace) for the rest of the year. Just like in a race, if you go too slowly, you’ll never get into a winning rhythm. Staying indoors more during...

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#NationalHatDay, a Project Manager Holiday?

Happy National Hat Day! I often wonder who has started these “national holidays,” but this one seems especially suited for project managers. As the most versatile position in a project team, the PM wears many hats in their daily routine—hats that are often contradicting. Switching between these hats seamlessly is one of the most important...

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Stopping the Takeover: How to Manage Scope Creep

It lurks as though it’s coming from the shadows. Its insidious presence looms, threatening to take charge of everything we do. It. Is. Scope creep. Scope creep is the tendency for software projects to grow beyond their original bounds. It arises naturally. For instance, a client will want more functionality for the same price, and...

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Want Great Work from Your Project Team? Get Happy!

We’ve often been taught that happiness is the result of success, but what if it’s actually the other way around? That’s what one researcher in the field of positive psychology, Shawn Achor, has set out to prove. In his book, The Happiness Advantage, he examines how the brain functions better when a person is feeling...

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How to Prioritize Work When Everything Is #1

Learn how to prioritize your projects when every project is as equally important as all of the others....

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The Key to Successful Projects: Resource Leveling in LiquidPlanner

It easy for managers to overbook their teams. A LiquidPlanner schedule is always resource-leveled based on each person’s availability and task assignments....

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LiquidPlanner vs. Task Management Software: An Evaluation Guide

Learn how LiquidPlanner compares to task management tools like Trello or Asana, and the pros and cons of each in managing your projects effectively....

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Track Your Projects with these 5 LiquidPlanner Reports

Take advantage of all of LiquidPlanner's reporting capabilities! This project reports roundup summarizes the reports available to track your projects....

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10 New Books to Add to Your 2018 Fall Reading List

I’m not sure when summer got the reputation for being the least stressful time of the year. I, for one, find the endless heat and sunshine exhausting. There are so many social events to coordinate, and there never seems to be enough time to just relax. I am daydreaming of fall—when I can enjoy a...

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How to Plan Your Vacation Like a Project Manager

Do you struggle with the process of planning a trip? Or, do you struggle to wrangle those non-planning types in your life to commit to a travel plan? Follow these simple steps to achieve the best plan, and the best vacation possible!...

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Spring Cleaning: Simple Tips for Refreshing Your Workspace

Ranging from 5 to 30 minutes, these tips will help you clean up old items and ensure you’re using all of the LiquidPlanner features to maximum potential....

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