Liz Pearce

Liz Pearce is LiquidPlanner’s former CEO. Her passion is putting all the pieces of a business together, and fostering innovation, productivity and joy at work. Liz is an active member of the startup and technology community and is always looking for opportunities to learn, participate, and give back.

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Making the Inc. 5000: We’re Niche and We’re Proud of It

Hi LiquidPlanner readers! We’ve got some exciting news to share this week. I’m thrilled to announce that we made the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in America! It’s an honor to be included as it’s one of, if not the most comprehensive look at the trajectory of thousands of innovative companies...

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Chat Apps Too Distracting? Here’s Why It’s the Wrong Debate to Have

There’s an interesting conversation resurfacing about the role of chat and communication apps at work, and the impact they have on our satisfaction and productivity. I say resurfacing because it’s not a new conversation, but it’s starting again as a new generation of workers comes to grips with how to deal with and regulate the...

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Full Speed Ahead in 2016!

Exciting News Today I’m excited to share that we’ve raised an additional $2 million in funding from existing investors. It’s an exciting time here at the company, and I want to take a moment to thank the team and our investors for all the phenomenal hard work and the amazing support you deliver on a...

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The Little (Scheduling) Engine That Could

I have vague memories of my mom reading The Little Engine That Could to me as a child. (Well, mostly just her voice repeating “I-think-I-can” over and over.) If you haven’t read the story, it’s about a small engine that succeeds in pulling a much larger train over a mountain, when none of the other...

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Four Project Management Lessons from the NFL Playoffs

This season, I’ve watched not one, not two, but all three of my favorite NFL teams come up empty in the playoffs. Despite my personal feelings of loss (sniff), I’m reminded that the same things that hurt sports teams on the field can hurt project teams on the job. So just for kicks, here are...

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Project Management Lessons Learned in the Kitchen

When you encounter a great project manager, you usually know it. They typically have a sense of calm because they understand deeply what’s going on in their projects, and they have confidence in their ability to address issues, risks, and opportunities as they come up. Now, let me change just two words: When you encounter...

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July Release Notes: Much Ado About Nothing

Last Friday’s release put some finishing touches on our newest feature: LiquidPlanner Analytics. When it comes to analytics, “Nothing” is actually surprisingly important. When a value in a report is “None,” it usually indicates that data needs to be cleaned up in order for the report to be completely accurate. To that end, you told us...

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Project Costing in 5 Easy Steps

Picture the scene: You’re a project manager for a web agency. You’re sitting in a meeting with your boss, describing two new potential projects. Each one will bring in the same amount in revenue, but you can only take on one with your current team. How do you decide which one to go with? While there may be...

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LiquidPlanner + Box – Seamless Online Project Management and Documentation

Our most recent software release was packed full of handy features, but the one we’re most excited about is our brand-spanking new integration with Box, a ground-breaking leader in online content management for the enterprise. If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve uploaded, previewed, or downloaded a document stored on Box sometime in the recent...

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LiquidPlanner Analytics: One-Click Project Intelligence

Introducing our newest online project management feature: the Custom Report Builder! We think you’re going to like it (truth be told, we think you’re going to love it). LiquidPlanner Analytics is about giving you the tools you need to answer the thousands of questions you might have about the important work your project team is doing. I’m not talking...

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Coming Soon: New LiquidPlanner Features for Data-Hungry Customers

Doesn’t it just bug you? All that juicy data you put into LiquidPlanner. Task estimates. Timesheet entries. Deadline dates. Individual availability. Max hours.  And what do we give you back? A couple things, of course: your timesheet export, your plan export, and some auto-generated trend charts with high-level information about your projects. But are you...

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LiquidPlanner Project Management for Android – New Mobile App!

If you drop on over to Google Play you’ll see a new kid on the productivity apps block. After much ado, the LiquidPlanner Android App is here and ready to download. Internally we are jumping up and down about this latest release because it’s been such a long time coming. You’ve been asking us for months to...

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