Liz Rosen

Liz Rosen is LiquidPlanner’s Director of Customer Support. Three things she loves: gazing at the Olympic Mountains as they sit over Puget Sound, long distance open-water swimming, and losing herself in a good novel.

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Just Keep Swimming: Using LiquidPlanner to Manage the Big Swim

I spend much of my life outside of LiquidPlanner in and around bodies of water. I’m a passionate open water swimmer—marathon swimming, in particular—and a big part of that passion is giving back to the sport. Some swimmers help out at races in various capacities, some crew for other swimmers, but I volunteer my time...

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The Real Story Behind Why Your Organization Wants You to Track Time

  For organizations that track time, there’s always going to be some resistance—or at least questions about it. Even if nobody says it out loud, I’ll bet your employees are at least wondering: “Why on earth is my company making me track time?” It’s easy to feel like tracking time is a way for leadership...

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Help! How to Get What You Need From LiquidPlanner Support

Learning how to use a new tool can be hard. We’ve all been through it. That’s why, here at LiquidPlanner, we try to make the learning and onboarding process as easy as possible for you and your team. We might even sprinkle in a bit of fun in too! If getting help is a party,...

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What We Do With Customer Feedback at LiquidPlanner

Recently we wrote a post that described how LiquidPlanner customers improve our product in which the author, Haley wrote, “Customers provide imperative feedback.” I thought I’d expand upon this powerful little statement and give you an inside look of what we do when we get customer feedback. Call it a Who-What-Where-When-Why-and-How of our customer feedback...

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7 Ways to Use Packages to Organize Your Workspace

Real life is happening and it’s no secret that most of us are juggling multiple projects at the same time. We might need to work on one task from project A, then one from project B, and another from project C. Packaging tasks is the only way to model this. In other words, you must...

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LiquidPlanner’s Customer Success Team Helps Customers Succeed

Lately, LiquidPlanner has put a lot of thought into the meaning of customer support vs. customer success. Support doesn’t end with troubleshooting technical issues, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Read on to see how we can make you an LP superstar.  Allow me to begin with a couple definitions: Customer support: Helping our...

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Reporting Can Be So Much More Than Analytics

I recently visited a local LiquidPlanner customer here in Seattle to help train a group of managers on reporting.  As a customer support and adoption manager, I prepared by sitting down to brush up on my Analytics skills, figuring that’s what they’d want to talk about. But I was only partially right. Generally, managers are...

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Mixing Business with Pleasure: How to Plan Work and Personal Projects in the Same LP Workspace

For those of us who love our jobs, this could be titled “Mixing Pleasure with Pleasure.” Job satisfaction aside, what I’m talking about is how to use the same LiquidPlanner workspace to schedule both work projects and personal items. The subject recently came up when talking with a friend and LiquidPlanner customer, Gigi (names have...

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How to Track Bugs in LiquidPlanner

Did you know that you can use LiquidPlanner for, or in addition to, bug tracking software? Many LiquidPlanner customers do both, depending on the nature of their team and the systems that are already in place, among other things. A little over a year ago, Liz Pearce wrote an earlier version of this blog post,...

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Why #IHeartMyTeam, from LP Support

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and why we “heart” our teams, I wanted to share a little tale from the Support Services Team… Mary Ellen and I were interviewing candidates to add to our team, and Joe Prospect asked us what I thought was a fabulous question: “I keep hearing about the great culture...

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Introducing Webhooks for LiquidPlanner

Listen up all you Developers out there – we’ve got a little something just for you.  If you’re reading this simply as an LP customer or fan, please run and tell your geek friends (I say that with love, truly I do) to tune in, because we’re hoping they’ll be excited as we are about...

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Inbox Update: How to Manage Your Emails and Optimize the Feature

It’s the New Year and we’ve been tweeting a lot lately about getting organized.  With organization in mind, we want to make sure that everyone knows about the Inbox feature we introduced last fall and how helpful it can be – so please read on! You’ll find the Inbox at the top of your plan....

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