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#NationalHatDay, a Project Manager Holiday?

Happy National Hat Day! I often wonder who has started these “national holidays,” but this one seems especially suited for project managers. As the most versatile position in a project team, the PM wears many hats in their daily routine—hats that are often contradicting. Switching between these hats seamlessly is one of the most important...

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10 New Books to Add to Your 2018 Fall Reading List

I’m not sure when summer got the reputation for being the least stressful time of the year. I, for one, find the endless heat and sunshine exhausting. There are so many social events to coordinate, and there never seems to be enough time to just relax. I am daydreaming of fall—when I can enjoy a...

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How to Plan Your Vacation Like a Project Manager

Do you struggle with the process of planning a trip? Or, do you struggle to wrangle those non-planning types in your life to commit to a travel plan? Follow these simple steps to achieve the best plan, and the best vacation possible!...

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Feeling Stuck? LiquidPlanner Can Help

With the updated in-app Help Tab, LiquidPlanner users will now have access to updated help features for onboarding, projects, and more....

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How I (Sort of) Stopped Being A Micromanager

How do you get over being a micromanager? The first step is admitting you have a problem, says Maggie Penn. She outlines her three steps to becoming (less) of a micromanager at work....

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Master the Art of Persuasion with these 5 Must-Reads

Managing a project comes with the unique challenge of leading, without being the boss. How do you lead without holding authority? The answer is persuasion....

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Save Time in 2018 With the Update to LiquidPlanner Timesheets

If improving your efficiency is a professional goal for you in 2018, LiquidPlanner's February product update delivers the ultimate productivity tool....

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Mindfulness for Leaders: Improving Management Practices

While it is easy to write the myriad of articles off simply as a passing trend, there is an increasing amount of data suggesting taking time out of your day to breathe and meditate can have concrete, positive results....

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