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Pauline Müller

Pauline Müller is a qualified SEO and B2B writer with extensive experience in feature writing and a great love of producing coffee table books. She combines an upbringing in the automotive and real estate industries with a diverse skill set in sales, small business management, international teaching, and linguistics studies to assist her clients in turning their audiences into business partners.

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Navigate Team Communication Like a Genderlect Pro

In my previous post, we looked at Deborah Tannen’s work on genderlect and why women and men often misunderstand each other. Here, I share more of her research and a few ideas on how we can become more aware of these differences—not only to improve teamwork but also to help women take charge of their...

Did You Just Say That? Understanding Gender-Specific Communication Styles

Not sure why members of your multigender team appear to misunderstand each other despite speaking the same language? Here is the single most important point to remember about genderlect. It’s real. The era of gender equality has long since dawned, and while everyone should be working towards a happier, more inclusive society, a quick Google...


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