Rob Nachbar

Rob Nachbar is the Principal of Kismet Communications, a PR and marketing consulting firm. A 20 year PR and marketing veteran, Rob has worked with dozens of start-ups and enterprise technology companies to help them raise awareness in their industry.

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A Hitchhikers Guide to Project Management: Aligning Strategic Priorities

In the comic sci-fi classic “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams, a group of hyper- intelligent beings demand to learn the answer to the ultimate question of “life, the universe, and everything” from the supercomputer Deep Thought. After pondering this question for some seven and a half million years, Deep Thought spits out...

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Case Study: Inbound Marketing Agency Streamlines Resource Management with LiquidPlanner

Every marketing professional services firm—whether it’s a web design firm, an advertising agency, or a PR consultancy—at one point encounters the same challenge: how do you accurately forecast future work without hiring unnecessarily or laying people off when business temporarily slows down? Christina Griggs is the CFO for Inflow a growing inbound marketing agency based...

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LiquidPlanner Case Study: How Knowmad Predicts the Future Using LP

Diona Kidd knows what it’s like to wear a lot of hats. As one of the founders of Knowmad, an Inbound Marketing agency, Diona does a bit of everything – from marketing and sales to client management. But above all, she spends most of her time thinking about how Knowmad can exceed client expectations without...

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LiquidPlanner Case Study: How Beneport Improved Productivity and Decision Making Using LP

Beneport, a leading national benefits education, communication and enrollment firm, needed to overhaul its internal IT processes. The Florida-based company had experienced a major growth phase, and needed to keep pace with client demand.   LiquidPlanner was initially brought in to manage a number of IT projects. In a short period of time, LiquidPlanner’s footprint...

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LiquidPlanner Case Study: CalAtlantic Homes IT Project Plans Come Close to 100% Accuracy

As CTO of CalAtlantic Homes (formerly, Ryland Homes), one of the nation’s largest homebuilders and a leading mortgage-finance company currently operating in 14 states across the country, Jason Grovert is responsible for driving the technology vision and strategy of the company, including the technology behind three broad strategic system areas: Interactive Marketing (including the corporate website and...

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LiquidPlanner Case Study: How Complete Spectrum Anticipates Opportunities Using LP

Wayne Gretzky, known simply to hockey fans the world over as “The Great One”, once said that the trick behind his success was his ability to “skate to where the puck is going, not where it’s been.” In non-hockey terms, anticipating where you need to be can be a determinant of your future success. This...

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LiquidPlanner Case Study: How University of Illinois’ iRobotics Club Gets the Job Done

Who remembers BattleBots? It was a short-lived, nerdtastic game show on Comedy Central in which remote controlled robots were pitted against each another, Gladiator style, and forced to fight to the bitter, sparky end. Even though the show’s television glory days have long since passed, battle bots continue to be built and motorized prizefights continue...

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LiquidPlanner Case Study: How Purdue Solar Uses LP to Fuel the Future

Albert Einstein once famously said, “We cannot solve a problem using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Sally Ann Keyes would most likely agree with this sentiment. Keyes is the President of Purdue Solar Racing, a highly decorated student-led engineering team at Purdue University that is quite literally building the...

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Buffers and The Mac Tablet: One Thing is Certain

Mac fans around the world are anxiously awaiting next week’s big announcement from Apple.  Those fanboys among us are eagerly looking forward to seeing a healthy Steve Jobs finally descend from Mt. Cupertino to deliver the fabled MacTablet/iSlate to the masses. One of the qualities that makes Apple somewhat unique in the technology landscape is that...

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Don’t Play Poker with Your Project Plan

We all know the challenge of estimation. For agile teams this is especially true as it’s all about small teams building high quality software according to aggressive milestones. Accurate estimating is a critical building block to achieving agile objectives (in fact, LiquidPlanner counts many agile teams as customers). was popularized by Mike Cohn in 2002 as a...

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