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Samantha Sauer is a Seattle-based writer, editor, and content marketing strategist who thrives in roles that require the left and right brains to work together. She specializes in helping companies tell their stories, build their brands, and achieve bottom-line results.

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October Product Update: Focus on What’s Important with New Alerts

When you see a column of bright red flames running alongside your project plans, it can be a bit unsettling. That’s why we’ve added more intuitive alerts to help you understand the severity of a risk....

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6 Simple Ways Project Managers Can Improve Their Writing Skills Today

Writing can be a challenge, but it's not an impossible skill to learn. These tried and true techniques can help project managers improve their writing skills--today....

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6 Top Project Management Books for Engineers and Manufacturers

If you're an engineer looking to grow your project management skillset, you're in luck. We dug through Amazon listings, forums, blogs, and review websites to identify the best project management books specifically for those in the manufacturing and engineering industries....

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August Product Update: Make Changes in a Flash with Inline Editing

We’re all about boosting productivity with time-saving shortcuts. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest product improvement: inline editing....

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A Look Inside Project Management at StarFish Medical

We talked to engineering project manager Andrew Morton to find out how his team operates at Starfish Medical, a medical device design consultancy....

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Summer 2017 Reading for Project Managers

If your weekend plans look anything like mine, you'll be reading. A lot. My favorite thing to do on a warm Saturday afternoon is stretch out on the hammock with a good book in-hand. These five books are heavy on the storytelling, light on the jargon, and full of lessons and research we can apply to our personal and work lives....

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July Product Update: Seamlessly Allocate and Schedule Resources with Project Limits

Daily Limits offers managers the ability to set a max number of hours per day for team members to work on a project....

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5 Ways Cloud-Based Project Management Software Saves Time and Money

The worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow 18 percent in 2017 to total $246.8 billion. Here are five reasons why moving to a cloud-based project management tool could save you time and money....

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June Product Update: New Custom Fields for Better Work Management

Custom fields are the perfect way to track and report on any part of your workflow. This month, we’re excited to share several new Custom Fields updates that offer increased visibility, insights, and customization....

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Industry 4.0 Series | 3D Printing in Manufacturing: Three Sectors to Watch

There’s much more to 3D printers than plastic trinkets. The industrial market for 3D printing has been heating up, with manufacturers exploring new ways to capitalize on additive manufacturing’s latest technologies. Here are three sectors to watch....

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Case Study: Scientific Equipment Manufacturer Adopts LiquidPlanner for All Product Development

Learn how the product development team at Lake Shore Cryotronics uses LiquidPlanner to track and manage its complex workload....

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Industry 4.0 Series: Preparing for the Rise of Collaborative Robots

There’s a new wave of robots on the horizon. They’re smarter, safer, and cheaper than earlier models. And, they’re going to have a major impact on manufacturing for years to come....

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