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As the owner and founder of Vision Platform, Shari Burk is captivated by the power of aligning purpose and action, which has fueled her career as an accomplished inventor, entrepreneur, author, and public speaker with extensive experience developing, facilitating, and delivering business strategy for maximum results. Shari is an expert in combining the core elements of a business plan, a strategic vision, and implementation plan. She is an inspiring, results-minded leader capable of developing clear criteria for company-wide decisions and action plans that fuel growth, optimize resources, retain the best talent, outmaneuver the competition, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Resist Business B.S.—How Can We Rebel (and Get Credit for Being Brilliant)?

In my previous article, we discussed how strategic intent answers Why?, how strategic objectives answer What?, and how tactics answer How?. The trouble comes when strategic objectives and executional tactics are developed without answering the Why question first. This is a classic mistake, but one that can be avoided. How to Answer Why? Create a...

Resist Business B.S.—Why Wouldn’t We Rebel When Strategies Fail?

According to executives, nearly half of all strategic initiatives fail. Various studies conducted since 1995 consistently show executives will admit their strategic objectives have failed on some level almost half the time. I am not surprised by the failure rate, but I am thrilled by the honesty. When we can admit a problem, we can...


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