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Susanne Madsen is a Project Management Leadership Coach, and author of The Project Management Coaching Workbook (2012) and The Power of Project Leadership (2015). She is a PRINCE2 and MSP Practitioner and a qualified Corporate and Executive Coach. Susanne is a member of the Association of Project Management (APM) and has over 17 years’ experience in leading large change programs for the financial sector. You can visit Susanne’s website at and follow her on Twitter: @SusanneMadsen.

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10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Project Managers

If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you either are a project manager or you work closely with one. And it’s probably not a secret that project managers are often seen as the type of people who are rigid and overly concerned with following processes and sticking to the plan. This popular YouTube video...

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How to Keep Cost and Scope Under Control on Client Projects

A project manager’s responsibilities—and job implications—grow complicated when it comes to client projects. Even though all project plans require your team to deliver the requirements on time, on budget and within quality constraints, delivering client projects can be a different game with higher stakes. For example, when your company is working with an external client,...

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Risk Management 101

Risk management is an important part of managing successful projects. But for many of you managing projects—whether you’re a project management professional or an accidental project manager, you might not have any formal training in risk management. Or, it could be time to refresh your knowledge about the fundamentals. Wherever you fall on the scale...

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6 Tips for the Accidental Project Manager

Like many others, you probably didn’t plan to get into project management, but fell into it, so to speak. You weren’t originally employed to do (or manage) project work, but with time you were asked to look after a couple of projects in addition to your regular responsibilities. You haven’t received much training—if any—and your...

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The Top 3 Questions Project Managers Should Be Asking All the Time

Asking questions is an essential component of successful project management and leadership. Voltaire said we should judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers. Albert Einstein was obsessed with questions, or more precisely, with getting to the right question. Another smart mind, Peter Drucker, stated that the most serious mistakes aren’t a...

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6 Tips to Become a More Collaborative Project Manager

Do you want to be an effective team leader? According to the Project Management Institute’s Pulse Report, more than 80% of high performing organizations report that leadership skills are the most important acquired skills for project management professionals. Researchers at PMI reported that project management elements such as cost, schedule and performance are necessary but...

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6 Ways to Create an Agile Organization

Agile practices are becoming more and more widespread. An increasing number of organizations are jumping on the bandwagon to enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility, quicker turn-around times and lower risk. But going from a rigid waterfall approach (or even an ad hoc reactive process) to something that is adaptable and collaborative can be challenging....

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5 Steps to Build Confidence in Your Team Members

Project management professionals: check out these 5 steps to build confidence in your team members....

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5 Ways to Build Confidence in Yourself as a Project Manager

Confidence is something we all crave—and with good reason. When you’re confident in your abilities as a project management professional, it becomes easier to do great work. It also becomes easier to build excellent relationships, to steer projects in the right direction, and to empower your team. When you’re confident in your abilities, you stop...

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10 Project Management Don’ts

While we advocate focusing on core strengths and business smarts to sharpen your project management skills, there are always pitfalls to avoid in every job. Yesterday Susanne Madsen gave us 10 Dos of Project Management —here, she gives us the other side of the coin: 1. Don’t start executing without defining and planning the project first. It’s...

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10 Project Management Dos

Project managers are working harder than ever before, even as we continue to have more knowledge, tools and technology available to us. The business world changes rapidly, competition increases, technology advances, and a project manager’s game is always changing. Here are 10 practices to focus on in order to hone your skills, deliver triumphant projects,...

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How to Build Your Client’s Trust: 6 Ways to Create a Transformational Relationship

Here’s a sticky situation that many project managers have experienced: You’re managing a project that’s rife with misunderstandings and disagreements about scope and priorities. On top of that, your client seems disengaged and isn’t giving you the buy-in you needed to go forward.   This is a symptom of what I call a transactional customer...

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