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Tatyana Sussex coaches entrepreneurs and professionals who are launching a business or reinventing their careers--in short, she guides people through the process of creating something new. She specializes in messaging coaching for entrepreneurs who want to develop their brand, voice and professional presence, get their story into the world and connect with the right people.

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6 Tips to Become a Highly Valued Member of Your Team

Working on a team presents a unique set of challenges — something that just happens when you put more than one person in a room and ask them to achieve a goal together. The challenges are as old as primitive man and include head bangers like: people don’t always pull their weight, roles and assignments...

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Infographic: How to Manage Productivity–The 5 Stages to Get Things Done (GTD)

It’s everyone’s struggle: focusing on the most important work to be productive in the most impactful way. For the times when you’re stuck (“What do I do now?” “What do I do next?”), this infographic shows how to navigate the five stages of getting a project done. No more tail chasing! How to Manage Productivity...

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How Divergent Thinking Can Advance Your Career

Sometimes, like during this current startup boom, it seems that everywhere you turn there’s an entrepreneur or biz guru pounding out the virtues of being innovative and creative. “Be a divergent thinker!” I heard a speaker recently proclaim. But how do we practice such virtues in daily life?   Well, LiquidPlanner’s Chief Product Officer, Charles...

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Infographic: 5 Famous Project Managers in American History

It’s easy to think that “project management” is a new-world job description. Naming convention aside, creative and business professionals have been hammering out great work for a very long time—some with a better knack at juggling products and plans. Here’s a visual stroll down memory lane that highlights five great project managers and the mark...

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Partying Down at the GeekWire Awards

“This is the single most important confluence of technology geeks!” exclaimed one of the GeekWire presenters. And on that note, the GeekWire Awards got underway.   It was a perfect blue-sky Thursday evening when a sold-out crowd of 800 corralled at Seattle’s EMP Museum to rub elbows, swap biz cards and cheer on this year’s...

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8 Ways to Deal With the Friday Fidgets

I’ve got a serious case of the Fridays. It’s one o’clock on sunny spring afternoon. There’s a document to edit that is quickly abandoned for a fresh batch of emails that get ditched when I ask my co-worker about her weekend – a conversation I ride for as long as I possibly can.  And now...

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LiquidPlanner Case Study: Collaborative Scheduling Speeds Up Production Time for Rotork

Just a year ago, Steve Watkins was using a simple spreadsheet to manage his team’s international production cycle. It wasn’t going well. As R & D Engineering Manager for Rotork, the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial valve actuators, Watkins was spending valuable time chasing down updates while team members worked in silos from their own...

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