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Tatyana Sussex coaches entrepreneurs and professionals who are launching a business or reinventing their careers--in short, she guides people through the process of creating something new. She specializes in messaging coaching for entrepreneurs who want to develop their brand, voice and professional presence, get their story into the world and connect with the right people.

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Facing Failure As a Startup: LiquidPlanner CTO Series

“Startups are hard,” Jason Carlson admits in the latest installment of our CTO Series. Not only does it take a unique vision, enormous commitment and hard-boiled determination, but you might also have to take up jobs outside your expertise and hustle beyond your wildest dreams And then, there’s chance and timing—which can be for you...

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LiquidPlanner Wins Two CODiEs! Best Project Management Solution and Mobile Solution

OMG, we did it again! We’re thrilled to announce that LiquidPlanner won TWO SIIA Software CODiE Awards this week. For the second year in a row, we won the CODiE for Best Project Management Solution, and yesterday added a new award to the trophy shelf: the CODiE for Best Project Management Mobile Application. What it means...

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All Project Management Tools Have Their Problems, So What?

Sometimes, the state of affairs has been so bad for so long, you just roll with it. Because everyone else does too! In the case of project management software, well, of course, it can be a pain to update, and it hardly ever reflects the current schedule but it works (sort of)! Everyone else is...

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How Do You Know You’re On to Something Great?

This is the second blog in a 9-part video series featuring LiquidPlanner CTO and co-founder Jason Carlson. These short clips tell the story of creating LiquidPlanner and share Jason’s insider expertise on what makes our unique Dynamic Project Management a particularly effective business driver for high-performance project teams. Today’s tale recounts the moment when Jason knew...

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How We Work: LiquidPlanner Customer Chesterfield County Public Schools

We love to check in with our customers and hear about their work habits. And naturally, we’re always eager to hear the real-life stories of how teams use LiquidPlanner to improve the way they manage projects. This month, we talked to David Eshelman, Director of Career and Technical Education, Chesterfield County Public Schools (CTE)—a system...

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LiquidPlanner Is a Finalist for Three Prestigious Industry Awards!

It’s award season—and we’re excited to be the finalists for three prestigious awards that honor leading products and services in the software industry. To get you as excited as we are (and toot our horn a bit), here’s what we’re up for: SIIA  CODiE Awards 2016 Two of our finalist nominations are for a CODiE....

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How LiquidPlanner Got Its Start

LiquidPlanner co-founder and CTO Jason Carlson knows the perils and frustrations of project managers. For him it started years ago, working as a software test engineer for a major technology enterprise. He worked on a team that ran hundreds of projects a year using spreadsheets and modified tools—and watching releases slip further and further past...

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5 Common Problems That Dynamic Project Management Solves

Project management software does so much more than organize work and schedule projects. It’s also a vital foundation for running a successful business, scaling growth, motivating teams to do their best work and delivering industry-leading projects to satisfied customers. But for many organizations, the idea of a functional project management tool remains a fantasy. And...

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New! A Better Way to Connect Teams and Create Dashboards in LiquidPlanner

What’s a key ingredient for project success?  Powerful connections. Projects reach their highest potential when connections between project team members are in sync, and when decision makers connect to the data they need to steer the project in the right direction. Improving these connections was the focus of our latest update. Our two latest features,...

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Traditional vs Dynamic Project Management [Infographic]

Tools matter. And yet—even though organizations increasingly rely on project management solutions to help run their business and organize their teams, the solutions aren’t cutting it. The digital industry is moving faster than ever. Customers and clients are more demanding. And traditional PM tools aren’t keeping up. Schedules are rarely up to date; plans are...

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What Is Your Project Management System Costing You?

Let’s start with a myth: All Project Management Tools Have Their Problems, So What? Sometimes, the state of affairs has been so bad for so long, you just roll with it. Because everyone else does too! In the case of project management software, well, of course, it’s laborious and a pain to use, but it...

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SSO Is Here!

How many passwords do you have to remember (and enter) in a workday? The rise of SaaS solutions has given us more indispensable tools than ever before—which is so great! But then come the apps to sign in to and the credentials to remember . . .  Not a big deal except for when you...

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