Ted Hawksford, Author at LiquidPlanner

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With 25 years of diverse professional experiences, Ted has accrued expertise in leading business transformations and developing teams to achieve large scale growth, which he shares with readers of the LiquidPlanner blog.

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Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Founded in 2006, LiquidPlanner provides project management software that enables teams to manage and complete their most important work. With the application of our unique methodology, key insights are revealed, cross-team collaboration is enriched, resource allocation is enabled, and teams are finally able to know when work will be completed, with confidence. More than a...

Working Remote: 3 Ways to Make it Fun

Having been given a temporary break from the ‘time tax’ of pre-crisis commutes and the physical separation of a traditional office, my wife Sue and I have built time into our workdays for morning coffee and afternoon walks. On one such walk this week, she remarked, “We are lucky, aren’t we?” My initial response was...

Working Remote: Fortunate or Frustrated with Family

While working from home, a shocking reality has emerged for many of us as we share space not designed for — or intended as — our fulltime office. How will we navigate this new reality? Are we doomed to daily frustration or fortunate to spend more time with those who love we most — even...

Working Remote: An Opportunity in the Void

Growing commute distances, the ever-rising cost of office space, and a concerted effort to reduce emissions to better protect the environment have all motivated a gradual movement to work from home. Luckily, technological advancements in the last ten years have enabled remote work to become a viable option — and the preferred option to many....


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