By Popular Demand: New LiquidPlanner Features

Liz Pearce | July 21, 2011

S29 Release iPad Submitted
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Last night we released an update to LiquidPlanner that included a bunch of new features that you’ve been asking for. Your feedback counts – keep it coming!

XML Import from Microsoft Project

We’ve broadened our import options to include both CSV and Microsoft Project XML. To try it out, click the “Add” button and select the “Import Project” option. Now you can get your old project files into LiquidPlanner more easily than ever.

S29 Release XML Microsoft Project Import

Right-Click Menu – Add Items

Now when you right-click on your plan, you can easily add tasks, events, milestones, projects, and more.

S29 Release Right Click Add

Right-Click to Change Timescale

Zoom into your plan to see detailed views of your schedule (hours, days, or weeks) or zoom out to view by month or quarter. Just right-click the timeline to make the switch. Note that left-clicking on the timeline allows you to draw a “chalk line” for marking a particular date on the plan.

S29 Release Timescale

Flow-Around Details

When one of your tasks is interrupted by another (say you have a vacation scheduled or a higher priority item needs to be attended to), the LiquidPlanner scheduler “flows” the task around the interruption. Until now, it’s been hard to tell exactly what was causing the interruption – but no more! Now when you hover over the schedule bar, you’ll see the details of the flow-around right there.

S29 Release Interrupted By

Dependency Information on the Details Page

The Details Page in LiquidPlanner contains lots of information: notes, descriptions, links, docs, comments, and more. Now you can view and edit one other key piece of the puzzle – dependencies –without ever leaving the page.

iOS Update – We’re Pending Approval!

We have submitted our iOS (iPad / iPhone) app to Apple. As soon as it’s approved, it will be available for download and you’ll be able to access your project plans on the go once again. We apologize for the delay, and we hope that once you have your hands on the new app you’ll get even more out of LiquidPlanner.

S29 Release iPad Submitted