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The Real Impact of Emotional Intelligence in Project Management

In the right hands, emotional intelligence is key to moving a project from idea to completion. But, is there a dark side to possessing emotional smarts? Reporter Alison Coleman explores the role of EQ in the PM world....

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Signs You’re a Micromanager (and What to Do About It)

Help! I think I’m a micromanager. My team is frustrated and demoralized, and I think I’m the cause. We’re a busy software team and we juggle multiple projects. How do I get past this?...

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5 Governance Steps for Distributed Project Team Management

When it comes to governance for distributed teams, keep it simple. The more complex anything is with distributed teams, the greater the likelihood that it will fail. Christian Knutson shares his best practices for implementing good governance on projects with distributed teams....

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7 Tips to Managing Global Project Teams

Global teams are nothing new, but the challenges of a widely dispersed team are ongoing. Here are 7 tips to bridge the gaps that come with being a geographically and culturally diverse team....

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4 Guiding Principles for Leading Remote Project Teams

More and more, part of the job of a project managers is not just herding sheep, but herding sheep located on farms located across the globe. Use these four guiding principles to effectively manage remote project teams....

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Celebrating Project Success: 5 Things You Can Do

There are numerous individual, team, and project activities that present opportunities to celebrate. Your job as a successful project manager is to be prepared to capitalize on these opportunities to create both culture and camaraderie on the project team. Get started with these five ideas....

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How to Be a Great Leader

Here’s an interesting problem in today's business world: One of the most indispensable skills for career advancement as well as for delivering successful projects is rarely taught at the university level....

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Mindfulness for Leaders: Improving Management Practices

While it is easy to write the myriad of articles off simply as a passing trend, there is an increasing amount of data suggesting taking time out of your day to breathe and meditate can have concrete, positive results....

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The Five Truths of Project Leadership

Many people believe that leadership is positional—it’s tied to the person that’s calling the shots. In reality, leadership on most projects and programs is informal. Project team members each have the opportunity to exert leadership during the course of the project...

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5 Ways to Lead a Change Management Initiative: Project Manager As Change Manager

Project managers can also be change managers. If you're in this position, learn how to lead a change management initiative and get your team on board....

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7 Actions to Take When Joining a Project Underway

Taking lead on a project already underway relies on the same skills that you’d call on if you’d been on the project from the beginning. However, there are seven specific knowledge areas that are most important and will require your attention....

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Lessons Learned as a First Time Medical Device Project Manager

PM expert Andy Silber was on the team that designed the Calypso™ 4D Localization System, a device that helps healthcare teams accurately deliver radiation during cancer treatments. In this post, he offers four insights he learned from the process....

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