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Advice for Project Managers: Soft Skills Needed for Success

 Dear Elizabeth: I’m currently a technical project contributor, but I would like to be a project manager. In my experience, technical leads don’t always have the people skills necessary to manage teams and processes. What soft skills do I need to develop in order to be successful as a project manager? —Climbing the Career Ladder...

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CEO Liz Pearce Shares Insights on SIAA TechChats [Video]

CEO Liz Pearce talks project management challenges, the benefits of data-driven approach, and how Agile methodology can benefit the tech industry....

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Liz Pearce Tells Her LiquidPlanner Story on Nathan Latka’s Podcast

Recently LiquidPlanner CEO Liz Pearce sat down for a quick chat with entrepreneur-turned-podcast star, Nathan Latka. It’s a fascinating, rapid-fire conversation about how LiquidPlanner started, along with an overview of some of the critical business data points that Liz monitors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Latka, a successful entrepreneur in his own right,...

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The 5 Top Challenges of Managing Small Projects

There are many great reasons to love managing a small project team. But, this comes with a unique set of challenges. It helps to keep these issues in mind and come up with creative solutions when you’re leading and negotiating project work....

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How to Become a More Challenging Project Leader

If you want to be a strong project manager and leader, you need to know how to challenge and support your team members in equal measure. This means that you are able to set clear performance targets that stretch the individual while at the same time providing them with the support they need to reach...

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What We’re Reading This Week: A Peek Into Creative Genius, Productivity and More

Every week we bring you the best of what we’re reading from around the web. This week’s stories center on speed, efficiency, working well with others and there’s an intriguing piece on how a Harvard Business School professor studied Pixar’s formula to rethink leadership and innovation. I hope these posts bring you a bit of...

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The New Face of Project Leadership

Leadership has changed over the years. Fifteen years ago, being a good project leader wasn’t necessarily the same as being a good project leader today. There are, of course, certain aspects and fundamental character traits that have gone unchanged. For example, we value honesty and integrity in a leader as much today as we ever...

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Facing Failure As a Startup: LiquidPlanner CTO Series

“Startups are hard,” Jason Carlson admits in the latest installment of our CTO Series. Not only does it take a unique vision, enormous commitment and hard-boiled determination, but you might also have to take up jobs outside your expertise and hustle beyond your wildest dreams And then, there’s chance and timing—which can be for you...

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The Two Styles of Project Leadership: Which One Are You?

Being a leader can be considered both a position of power and vulnerability. You are in both a role of influence and one with high visibility. All the while, the effect you have on teams and individuals is meaningful. That’s why it matters to do your job effectively. After all, team leaders are often a big...

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The Project Manager’s Guide to Managing Job Stress

You probably know about some of the negative impacts of stress—on your health, on your relationships, on your career. But here’s an angle that few of us speaks about in the world of project management: managing stress so it doesn’t have a negative outcome on your project. When project leaders are stressed and their teams...

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LiquidPlanner Is a Finalist for Three Prestigious Industry Awards!

It’s award season—and we’re excited to be the finalists for three prestigious awards that honor leading products and services in the software industry. To get you as excited as we are (and toot our horn a bit), here’s what we’re up for: SIIA  CODiE Awards 2016 Two of our finalist nominations are for a CODiE....

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Why Businesses Need Dynamic Project Management

In a recent post, I addressed the high cost of using legacy project management tools. The crux of the matter is that legacy project management tools struggle to deal with the uncertainty and unknowns that are inherent to projects. Historically, project plans haven’t been able to keep up with the rapid pace at which requirements...

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