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Social Project Management

In the process of building our online project management software I got to thinking about what online has to do with project management. The fact that LiquidPlanner is multi-user and web-based creates a whole new set of interactions that go way beyond what desktop project management software does and has to cope with. For starters it acknowledges that...

Estimates vs. Targets

On Monday I attended an Executive Breakfast put on by Construx Software. Steve McConnell, renowned author of books like Code Complete and also one of our advisors, discussed the “10 Deadly Sins of Software Estimation.” Not surprisingly, most of the audience chuckled knowingly after each “sin” was read aloud. And even as one of the few non-developers at LiquidPlanner, I...

Depending on Dependencies

We’ve launched dependencies! Last night the team stayed up late making sure that the update to the site went smoothly. This morning our users were greeted with dependencies. This is a big deal for us as we were getting quite a few requests for dependencies. In fact, several people asked us why we launched without...

Dogfood and Dependencies

Dogfood and Dependencies

I first heard the phrase “eat your own dog food” while doing some vendor work for Microsoft. Although I’m not sure why — none of the development teams I worked with used Visual SourceSafe, perhaps because it was an acquisition product. I also never saw a PM pull up a Microsoft Project plan on their...

Perfecting the Recipe

Perfecting the Recipe

“Round here, we eat our own dogfood.” “You, uh… what?” Interviewing for my job with LiquidPlanner late last summer, I was feeling a little over my head. I’m relatively new to the software industry and was meeting with really smart people who have years and years of software experience. And now they were talking about...


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