LP Feature Improvement: Homepage Conversation Threads

Team LiquidPlanner | March 27, 2013

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Comments are good.  Conversations are better. Focused conversations? Better yet!  That’s the inspiration for the most recent enhancements to LP’s home page comment stream.

The plan item with the most recent comment is posted at the top of the page. You see not only this latest comment, but also the previous comments for that same plan item.  This is more of a true conversation, with the context you need to get the full picture. By organizing your comments, we’ve turned them into conversations.

Before, the homepage was a string of single comments—everyone’s comments—and posted in time order. Now, your LP homepage displays comments grouped by plan item.

Filtering your conversations

Too busy to keep up with every conversation in the workspace?   No worries, we now have comment filtering!  This means you can zero in on just the conversations you really care about.  Do you only want to see conversations for a specific package or client?  The choice is yours:

conversation filtering

My personal favorite is the “filter to my items” option (select the person icon).  This keeps me focused on just the things that are most relevant to me:

conversation filtering

Organized, personal, meaningful — the new LiquidPlanner homepage is more like Facebook, less like Twitter.

Want to take full advantage of LiquidPlanner’s commenting features? Read our help article,  Comments.