Get the Benefits of Using LiquidPlanner ASAP: Create an LP Playbook, Your Team’s Own User Manual

Tatyana Sussex | October 23, 2014

LP Playbook
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It’s a common adoption teeth-gnasher: Your team implements new online project management software, but then there’s that hurdle to get everyone embracing it and using it right away. Most cloud-based services don’t come with internal user manuals—even if there’s a rich array of learning and support materials, training and onboarding help at your disposal.

So how do you motivate your team to start collaborating in a new project planning software and start getting your money’s worth right away?

Create your own user’s manual

For LiquidPlanner customers, we offer an LP Playbook—a way to establish guidelines for your team. Some of the rules of engagement that team members need to know include details like:

  • Who can prioritize tasks
  • When to log time and submit timesheets
  • Setting your availability
  • Using email notification.

To get you started, the Playbook gives you a list of topics to address, and then you can customize your version to fit your unique culture and business requirements. Don’t forget that this is an updatable document. Keep it accessible so that all team members can read it when they need to. If you’ve been a customer for a while, you might want to take a look and see if there’s a feature set you might want to set new rules around—Timesheets, Tags, you name it.

When you create a Playbook, your team has a solid framework for how everyone will be using the planning software together. Clear expectations lead to greater productivity. Here’s to your success! Go to the LP Playbook.