December Release: Meet the NEW LiquidPlanner!

Alison Clancy | December 11, 2012

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LiquidPlanner was born out of the need for a better approach to project management. Over the years, we’ve talked to hundreds of customers, running all kinds of projects across all kinds of teams. The common thread among them, almost without exception, is a desire for simplicity, for ease of use, and for speed in the tools they use every day to get work done.

When our founders first got together to dream up a concept for an online project management tool, they wanted to build something that every person on the project team could use — not just the project manager. According to a recent study, over 75% of our customers are now using LP every single day to manage, track and collaborate on the important projects they’re working on. It’s often those “every day” interactions that can make – or break – your experience with any product. That’s why, in this release, we focused on making LP effortlessly straightforward.

It all started a few months ago with LiquidPlanner 4.1, which included:

And this weekend, we rolled out more than 50 additional enhancements, all designed to make your experience even better than before.  See key features below or check out all release notes for LP4.2.

Projects Tab Redesign

We’re giving you back some prime screen real estate with this release. The header has been streamlined to save you space and to simplify views and menus. “Favorites” allows you to configure and save your optimal views.

Single Page Editing

Say adios to the old detail pane. Now you can interact with your project and task information in full-screen mode. Quick links (with item counts) at the top jump you down to comments, documents, notes, analysis and more without going through the hassle of switching views. Inline editing and instant saves will cut down the clicks and wait time for your most regular updates.

Usability Enhancements

We’ve introduced a number of small but important changes throughout this release that we don’t want you to miss:

  • Use the “Share” (globe menu) or right click on the plan item to get it’s email address
  • Filter buttons are now consolidated under the new Filter icon, where you can create and edit cumulative filters
  • New “Personal Status Report” on the My Work tab
  • Owners, co-owners and managers can download the members table into a .csv file
  • And more!

We hope to continue to make your life easier with each new release and we look forward to hearing your feedback.