DEMO Class of 2008: Where Are They Now?

Alison Clancy | March 8, 2011

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Last week, the team at LiquidPlanner closely followed the events taking place at DEMO Spring 2011.  We have a special place in our hearts for DEMO, since that’s where we debuted in 2008. And as you know, the rest is history. But LiquidPlanner wasn’t the only product unveiled under the DEMO spotlight that year (there were 77!). In fact, our fellow DEMO-ers were a pretty innovative bunch, and in the spirit of the big event last week, I thought it would be fun to check in with some of them to see what they’re up to.

YouChoose, LLC

You Choose LogoAs someone who works in online marketing, I can tell you firsthand that creating an online community is no easy task. YouChoose, LLC claimed it could help by replacing the comment section on a customer’s blog with a widget that would appear on all other websites that hosted that same widget. As stated on the DEMO website, this “creates a shared global conversion across a distributed social network, enhancing community and activity on each host site.” Sounds cool, right?

Fast forward to 2011. When you visit, the company summary seems to have more of a humanitarian ring to it. “ is a community of passionate individuals who create and participate in Campaigns that empower them to accomplish common goals.” So it seems that YouChoose still rallies around the idea of community, though it has evolved into a site about social change and not just social networking.

Toktumi, Inc (@toktumi)

Toktumi LogoToktumi is a great name to know for those of us who work from home or from the Starbucks down the street. By using a PBX phone service, Toktumi connects an employee’s computer to their laptop to their cell phone and so on. This creates a unified communication system that helps professionals connect with their coworkers and clients. The company also just released a feature called Line2, which adds a second phone line to your Apple or Android phone. Judging by the praise they’ve received on Twitter so far (“RT @toddlucier Using #line2 by @toktumi – friggin’ amazing”) it seems that Toktumi is doing just fine.

Blist (@socrata)

Socrata LogoWe spent lots of time at DEMO with our fellow Seattelites, Kevin Merritt and the team at Blist. When Blist took the stage at DEMO 2008, they had one goal in mind: become the “world’s easiest database.” And it seemed like they were pretty on track. With a drag-and-drop user interface, the use of visuals within the database, and the ability to insert anything from icons and large selections of text, Blist appeared to be a force to be reckoned with. Now, three years later, if you Google Blist you will be redirected to Socrata, the new name of the company and the result of a complete product overhaul. Instead of calling itself the “world’s easiest database,” Socrata is now dubbing itself “the world leader in social data discovery.” Cheers to reinvention! (@Education_com)

Education Dot Com LogoOtherwise known as the “WebMD of education,” is chock full of resources for parents who want to learn how to support their children’s educational and developmental needs. In 2008, introduced SchoolFinder, a ground-breaking tool created to help parents find the perfect public or private school for their children. SchoolFinder reports on community demographics, parent feedback, and after-school programs, among many other things. You can still use SchoolFinder today on, and I was able to research my hometown elementary school, middle school and high school both quickly and thoroughly. This tool looks like a great resource for anyone who is concerned about providing the best education possible for their future valedictorian. Keep your eye out for their recently launched virtual science fair.

Iterasi (@Iterasi)

Iterasi LogoIn basic terms, you can use Iterasi to save any Web Page exactly how you see it. At first I thought, “Ok, but couldn’t I just take a screenshot?” The answer is no, because that won’t give me as much information as Iterasi does. Iterasi saves an HTML file of the site, meaning the capture of the webpage is interactive and packed with more information than any screenshot could provide. These HTML files will be saved to your Iterasi account for however long you want. This is great for receipts, transactions, or hilariously embarrassing Facebook pictures of your friends. Iterasi is still going strong in 2011 and has become a useful tool for government agencies and legal agencies.

And what about LiquidPlanner? Well, we’ve come a long way since John Cook followed our path to DEMO. We’re now on version 2.6 of our product, have gained hundreds of customers, and have added some great folks to the LP team. We’ve got some very exciting things up our sleeve for this year, too. Stay tuned for details!

So with that, we wish the best of luck to the graduating DEMO class of 2011. We’re excited to see what you do next!

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