June 2013 Release: Easier, More Convenient Email Integration

Tatyana Sussex | June 20, 2013

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Everyone who loves being able to email into your LiquidPlanner workspace raise your hand!

new email integration

Well, we have some fun news for you. Our June release improved the way you can use email integration with LiquidPlanner. Bottom line: The process is quicker and more convenient.

Here’s the lowdown.

Nifty new icons on the Edit Panel

See the two new icons in the upper-right corner of the panel? (Hint: the link and email icons.)

new edit panel and email integration

The link icon lets you easily prepare an email with links to plan items.  Send ‘em to anyone with access to your LP workspace and – presto! – they land exactly where you want them to. The envelope icon is a more expedient way to get email addresses of your plan items. Here’s how they work:

A quicker, easier way to email into workspaces

Now, when you click the envelope icon on the Edit Panel, the email address for that plan item shows up already highlighted for you.   All you have to do is copy it.  Or, simply click the New Email Message button and your email client will launch a new message with the “To” field pre-populated for you. You just write your message and send.

Where the emails go

If you’re emailing into a task, the email message will show up as a comment. If you’re emailing into a container (project/sub-folder/package), your email shows up as a new task.  For these emails, fill the Subject line with the task name, future owner and ranged estimate (in that order and separated by commas), and within a few minutes, you’ll see your new task sitting within that container, ready to go. Your email message and any attachments will be saved in the new task as well.

Sending emails with embedded workspace links

Similar to getting an email address, when you click the Get Link icon, it automatically opens a window with the link to that plan item already highlighted. It also includes the name of the plan item, which you can include or exclude. Either copy and paste where needed or click the New Email Message button, and there in your email draft will be your LiquidPlanner link. All you have to do is send to the appropriate person and you’re done.

how to use our new email integration

P.S. You can still get the link or email address from the Share Plan Information (globe icon) menu OR the right-click menu. This new functionality is the same regardless of location from which you obtain links/addresses.

What do you think of these new email features? We’d love to hear how our updates are working for you and your team.