New notifications filter: Just the emails you really want

Team LiquidPlanner | March 28, 2013

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What’s better than getting email notifications on your projects and tasks?

Getting just the notifications you need, and nothing more.


Our new notifications filter gives you input on the status emails you receive. Before, there were three notification choices: Receive all emails in real time, as a daily digest, or never. Now, you can do some serious customizing around the actions that trigger your email notification. Check out all the selections:

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About the filters

Each selection represents a change action.  So, if you select “Description” in the “Planning” column, you’ll get a notification every time there’s a change to a plan item you’ve involved with. I’ve been playing around with my filters to see what combination I like the best. I can imagine that I’ll change my filters as my portfolio of work changes and the seasons turn.

Bottom line: We want you to drive the kinds of notifications you receive — and get more of the right work done.

Want more details? Read our help article, Your Personal Notification Settings