Employee Q&A: Tyler Roehmholdt, Online Marketing Manager at LiquidPlanner

Alison Clancy | July 12, 2012

Tyler Profile
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Tyler ProfileTyler has only been a part of team for just under a month now, but we figured that it’s never too early to make a proper introduction! Take a second to get to know Tyler, and feel free to leave him a warm welcome in the comments!

Q) So, what do you do at LiquidPlanner?

A) In a nutshell, I focus on compelling people to click buttons and fill out forms. To be a bit more verbose, I’m responsible for optimizing the user experience around LiquidPlanner’s website, including search engine optimization, content development, conversion rate optimization and making use of quantitative and qualitative analysis data to inform design and development decisions.

Q) What makes you passionate about online marketing? 

A) The psychology behind a click is deeply interesting to me, because it involves so much more than a green button vs. a blue one. It’s an entire narrative, whereby the prospect has a desire, they seek out that desire, they meet challenges along the way, and eventually they achieve their goal and leave a satisfied (or not so satisfied) customer. What makes it so fascinating is that, as a marketer, I can look at every point along this path, and learn how to make it faster, easier and more compelling for a prospect to realize his or her desires, which is a win for everybody.

Q) What outside projects or hobbies are you passionate about? 

A) I am deeply interested in startup culture and following the latest technology innovations, especially around education and online learning. The idea that future generations will be able to gain access to Ivy League courses and lectures on a whim excites the heck out of me, because with such an open learning environment, advancements in every field will take off like we’ve never seen before.

Q) Since you’ve started working here, what was your favorite day? What was your least favorite?

A) The first day on the job is always my favorite and least favorite, it’s when everything is unfamiliar and your brain is in full-absorption mode; it’s exciting and terrifying all at once. Plus, unpacking an Apple Thunderbolt Display is always a religious experience for me.

Q) What’s your favorite feature in LiquidPlanner?

A) I’m supposed to say all of them, right? Honestly though, it’s the commenting and community functionality of the software that really makes it stand out. Project management doesn’t turn a lot of heads, mostly due to the fact that it’s oftentimes a spreadsheet or a Gantt chart staring back at you on the screen. The commenting feature in LiquidPlanner humanizes the entire process, bringing you into the project and turning a very exclusive concept into a very inclusive experience.

Q) We know that you’re a huge Queen fan. If you could only listen to one of their songs for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

A) It would have to be “In the Lap of the Gods” from their album Sheer Heart Attack. I really enjoy the vocals, sweeping piano arpeggios and the overall ballad-like composition of the song.

Q) If you could work in any other profession, what would you choose? 

A) A commercial or landscape architect. Architecture has always been a big interest of mine, especially the design of office spaces and the way they can interact with both natural and urban environments.

Q) What’s your favorite word?

A) Succinct. Sometimes I am, sometimes I am not.