Enterprise 2.0 I – The Arrival and Hardware Wrangling

Bruce Henry | June 9, 2008

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Well, we made it to Boston!

We all took the red-eye from Seattle and got right to work finding a grubby downtown diner to have breakfast in. Max’s Cafe… you can’t beat 3 eggs, homefries, bacon and toast for $5.00! No frills and quite tasty. However, it is friggin’ hot and humid in Boston. Liz thinks it’s just fine, but Jason and I are both thankful for the whole air conditioning thing.

SM Westin LobbyThe booth is roughly as we imagined it would be however none of the rented hardware was there. After a couple of quick phone calls it turns out that they just hadn’t gotten down the line to us yet. Note to fellow conference exhibitors… if this is one of the first times you’ve done this you should make sure you know what you’re renting. After the DEMO conference rental experience we thought that all items were ala carte. Turns out most computers usually come with those little things like keyboards and mice. So I didn’t really need to pack those all the way from Seattle.

Eh, live and learn.

I finished an interview with a podcaster. It went pretty well, but we’ll see what I sound like when it’s all edited down and posted. I’ll link to it off one of my next posts.

My friend from a conference at Penn State, Mary Sobiechowski, is here. She’s on a cloud computing panel where the CXOs (like her) get “pitched” cloud services by the likes of Google and Amazon. Considering Amazon’s down time recently they better have their rude Q&A practiced. Mary was nervous about the panel but she’ll rock it because that’s how she rolls.

We’re in the lobby right now eating some tasty, tasty calamari! Really, this is great stuff for hotel lobby fare. Liz and Jason are taking off to go to dinner with some of her friends from college.

I’m meeting up with someone I met at SXSW this spring to go get dinner and visit (at least one) dive bar. This is sounding like a perfect start to the conference!