Enterprise 2.0 II – Internet Madness and Demos

Bruce Henry | June 11, 2008

SM Boston Evening
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After a relatively late night we got up and headed down to the booth.

While setting up the computers we lost internet connectivity. Turns out, many people had lost connectivity. Poor internet connection at a conference where cloud computing and SaaS is at the heart makes for very nervous, irritable exhibitors.We got things up and running though and then did lots and LOTS of demos.

I ran into several people that we met before at DEMO and at Under the Radar.

Jive’s booth is beautiful! The Blogtronix folks (that seem to be everywhere we are) were gracious and friendly as always. The more I work with tech people (particularly startups and small companies) the more impressed I am with just how nice and genuinely¬†interesting¬†most folks are in this crowd.

SM Boston EveningOn the note of meeting lots of people… I need a better way to organize and process all the damned business cards I collect. Want a great startup idea; make a device that does this for me. I don’t care how, just make something cheapish that works and that is quick that I don’t have to think about. Please make it plug into my iPhone. That’s all I ask. Oh, and I want it yesterday.

Anyway, we wrapped up the day and then pretty much skipped dinner and went straight to the drinking. After spending the early part of the evening on a lovely downtown rooftop deck courtesy of Liz’s friends (who also fed us tasty snacks) we retired to the hotel bar.

After several hours, several drinks, and several interesting tales from some new Swedish and Norwegian friends we retired to our rooms to hydrate and prepare for the morning.

We’ll be up and at ’em early tomorrow for the last day of the conference.

(Note: post publication delayed by Westin’s crappy internet access)