Enterprise 2.0 III – The Wrap

Bruce Henry | June 12, 2008

SM Westin Shower
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Well, we’ve wrapped up the Enterprise 2.0 conference and officially launched!

We got covered by a buncha folks. TechCrunch wrote a little piece about our online project management solution. We also got some love from Kristen Nicole at Mashable who was one of the people I talked with at the DEMO conference back in January who really seemed to “get it”.

SM Westin ShowerLiz took off to fly home a couple of hours ago and Jason and I finished the last few demos then broke down the booth. Just as we were wrapping things up and getting ready to shut down the computers Ameed Taylor from the OnDemand Beat Blog showed up. He asked really good questions and I’m looking forward to see what he writes about LiquidPlanner.

Overall this conference was pretty good. We launched our public beta at the DEMO conference and that set a really high bar for conference quality. But overall I feel pretty good about this one. We had good exposure to enterprise customers and what they are looking for in the next generation of project management tools.

The big take away for me has been the desire for integration between tool sets. Yeah, I know, people have been saying this forever so it ain’t any great revelation. But more than ever before I heard people being really specific about what they meant by integration. How they wanted each of their tools to play together.

Like many other venues the “2.0”ness of this conference tended towards the “we’re building social applications” and “employee genereated content” ends of the spectrum. But there were a few other folks who were doing things that didn’t (on the surface) look too 2.0-ish. Atlassian for one was there with a great integration story that included more than just their great tool set but “in the cloud” hosted stuff too. If you haven’t taken a look at JIRA Studio you should.

Anyway, I’m off to bed. We’ve an early flight tomorrow and I am still wrestling with the internet access in this darned hotel.

(Note: I had to post this later because of the Westin’s damned internet. Internet should be free in a business hotel just like the lights and the heat. Oh, and it should work too.)