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Our Favorite Time-Saving, Productivity-Boosting Tools at LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner employees dish on their favorite time-saving tools.

I’ll be the first to admit: I’m quite technologically-averse, especially for a millennial who works for a SaaS company. I can count the number of apps I use regularly on one hand. I copy my husband’s digital grocery list to paper before I head to the store. I only use my GPS after I’ve already become hopelessly lost. Until very recently, my to-do lists for work were scattered across several notebooks and sticky notes.

But lately I’ve been wondering, am I missing out? How many hours of my life are wasted as I transcribe yet another grocery list? Are there apps out there that could help me “live my best life”, to borrow a phrase from Oprah, one of the most productive people in the world.

I had to know. But first I needed some recommendations, so I turned to my colleagues at LiquidPlanner. Obviously, LiquidPlanner is everyone’s favorite productivity-boosting tool here. So I posed the question: what is your second favorite time-saving, productivity-boosting tool?

Here’s what they told me:


Devon Burns, Product Manager

My favorite time-saving tool is 1Password. It’s a great place to keep not only your passwords, but other important information that you want to keep secure. It’s easy to have it all in one place. With the browser extension, 1Password automatically enters usernames and passwords on your saved sites. That saves time. It’s also more secure than a notebook of passwords and using the same password for every account.



Adam Sanderson, Engineering Manager

My wife and I use Wunderlist to share grocery lists. Before I started using the app, I would take her phone to the store. [Wunderlist] is easier. We can sync our lists now, so I don’t need to write out a list or steal my wife’s phone anymore.




Evan Goad, Software Engineer

My favorite productivity tool is Alfred. While it only saves a few seconds of your time when you use it, those seconds add up. It saves time on things I do a lot over the day, like searching for files or switching between applications. The keyboard shortcuts can be personalized. I use them to switch between Chrome, Outlook, and my developer terminal.



Lisa Ma, Customer Success Specialist

When I went looking for something to organize my to-do lists, I tried three different tools: Remember the Milk, Todoist, and Wunderlist. My favorite was Wunderlist. I use it for managing my recipes. I can add the ingredients and steps to the app. If anyone asks for the recipe, I can easily share it with them. It’s easier than going to Pinterest, finding the board, finding the pin. Wunderlist also automatically groups tasks by deadline. And it’s easy to collaborate, if the other party is agreeable to that.



Sheri Eames, Accounting Manager

My favorite tool is Zendesk. I use it to collect money and manage transactions. I like that I don’t have to filter through my email, looking for the related conversations. All conversations are saved in the app. It’s also helpful for a multi-person department. If I’m out of the office, my colleagues can check on status and communication without having to access my email. I’ve found it to be a huge timesaver.


As I mentioned earlier, my previous work management system consisted of to-do lists in three notebooks and sticky notes that could be mistaken for a Kanban board but were really just stuck on my desk without rhyme or reason.

I lived that way until five weeks ago, when I began my job at LiquidPlanner. Now my tasks and to-dos are neatly prioritized within the tool. I still keep a paper to-do list–though it only includes today’s tasks, which I pull from the My Work tab in LiquidPlanner each morning. Despite being a self-described technophobe, I’ve found LiquidPlanner to be the solution I needed to organize my professional world.

And for those hours I’m not at work? Well, I’m still copying grocery lists by hand. Baby steps.

What’s your favorite time-saving, productivity-boosting tool?

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