February Release: Google Calendar Integration and More

Alison Clancy | February 3, 2012

Google Calendar 1
left Image

Over the weekend, we rolled out our first 2012 LiquidPlanner update. You know what this means: it’s time to introduce some new features! These particular features have been frequently requested by our customers for some time, which makes this reveal even more exciting:

Google Calendar Integration

Though calendar integration was a feature before this, Google Calendar was not supported.  And you can’t leave Google out of all the fun, can you?  Now, you can integrate LiquidPlanner with Google Calendar via the iConnect button on your My Tasks Page:

Enhanced Icons for Attached Files and Comments

Google Calendar 1

A quick glance at the left margin will now tell you if there are files, comments, or both attached to a plan item.

Google Calendar 2 Blurred

Workspace Owners & Co-Owners Can Edit Member User Names

Enhanced Icons

This is particularly useful when you need to correct the problem of more than one member with the same user name. Or, perhaps you want to change all user names to a standard format. Workspace owners and co-owners can now do this via the Edit Profile link on the Member List.

Workspace OwnersAlso good to note: don’t upset your workspace owner. You might wake up one day to find that your LiquidPlanner user name has been mysteriously changed to “Sir Didimus Fuzzytail.”

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