Hand Crank Films is Awesome

Charles Seybold | March 18, 2009

Hand Crank Films
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This is just a quick post to give credit where credit is due. The team at HCF made our new home page video and if you have any interest in getting some video work done, you should get to know them.

Hand Crank FilmsI went in to this project a little skeptical and thinking “how do you communicate what LiquidPlanner does in a minute and a half without spending a fortune on production.” Liz talked me into the project and I’m thankful she did. We had a single one hour meeting with Max Kaiser, Director & Founder at HCF. Of the 30 minutes that were not filled with my dumb questions about video production, Max put together the storyline that made it (virtually unchanged) to the final cut. If you know me, you’ll know I cannot keep my design hands off anything because I’m a visual perfectionist. HCF executed the process so well and so quickly, I didn’t even have time to be nit picky.

Bottom line is we love the result and give this team our highest recommendation.