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I went off to represent LiquidPlanner’s development team at RailsConf this year. It’s always a great experience to hear new perspectives on software development challenges and meet other developers. This year there were tons of excellent presentations, but if you missed RailsConf, all is not lost. New videos are being posted daily. My own talk is not up yet, but here are a few of my favorites that you can watch right now.

  • DHH’s keynote, “Writing Software”addressed whether our craft as developers is an art or a science. It struck a lot of chords with many in the audience, and has started a debate about which methodologies and approaches make sense for us as developers.
  • Farrah Bostic’s keynote, “What Happens to Everyone, When Everyone Learns Code?”was also quite thought provoking. If you’re interested in programming literacy, and how it will change our workplace, you should certainly check this out.
  • I missed Saron Yitbarek’s talk, Reading Code Good, but after hearing many developers praising it, I watched it online. Saron gave some really good practical advice for people who want to form a deeper understanding of programming by reading code.
  • Finally, Chris Maddox’s Too Big to Fail was a really interesting look at how to deal with systems that fail.  As developers we so often pretend that we can build perfect tools, and then are devastated when we see them break. Chris outlined a few pragmatic things we can do in the face of these failures.

There are more RailsConf presentations being posted every day, so if you missed anything I would highly recommend perusing these videos. These should hold you until next year, see you then!