Hot Off The Presses: New LiquidPlanner Features

Alison Clancy | August 28, 2011

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Over the weekend, we released an update to LiquidPlanner with some new features that were requested and inspired by our customers feedback. We hope these new improvements will make your lives easier, and don’t forget to leave a comment or tweet us your thoughts!

Workspace Page Renamed As Settings

The Workspace page has been renamed to Settings for the sake of clarity. You will still be able to find administrative functions here, such as Timesheet ReviewPortal Controls, and Billing Settings. We have also made the layout a little more user-friendly, and all administrative icons will now be displayed to all users (they will be faded and inactive for users who do not have the proper access level for a particular function).

S30 Release Settings

Timesheet Review: Multiple Selection

Owners can now select multiple people in the Members filter. Before, you could only select one person at a time. Now, a subset of members and their timesheets can be selected. Just go to Settings>Timesheet Review to try these new changes out.

S30 Release Timesheet


Along the same vein of the timesheet review filters, you can now add multiple dependencies to a task at once. Start by double-clicking the task and opening up the Details Pane. Select the Dependencies tab, and click “Edit.” You will see that you are now able to select multiple tasks. This new feature will make it so much easier to create one-to-many dependencies.

S30 Release Dependencies

When you attach documents to a task, you used to only see a generic file icon to represent that file. Now attached files will be presented in a gallery format, including image thumbnails.

S30 Release Files

Rate Sheets

It’s easier than ever to create a rate sheet in LiquidPlanner. Rate sheets allow you to associate both bill rate and pay rate with various clients, projects, activities, and members. Before the update, you had to build your rate sheet in a spreadsheet and import it into LiquidPlanner.  Now, you can build a rate sheet directly in the user interface. Give it a try at Settings > Timesheet Management > Rate Sheets.

S30 Release Ratesheet

In addition to these features, you’ll find a few more fixes and modifications sprinkeled throughout LP 3.0. We hope you enjoy them!