How I Planned My Wedding Using LiquidPlanner’s iPhone App

Tatyana Sussex | September 4, 2013

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“I filled two giant binders when I got married,” a friend told me. My stomach dropped. It was June, I was well into planning my August wedding and I did not have a binder bursting with contracts and marching orders anywhere. Where was everything?

wedding bouquet

I panicked, and then – a wave of beautiful relief. Instead of a giant binder I had everything on my iPhone. More specifically, I was using LiquidPlanner’s iPhone app to plan my wedding. Which for me works wonders because managing hard documents usually leads to a disaster of paper every which way but in a binder.

My wedding binder in a LiquidPlanner iPhone app

liquidplanner iphone app

I used my iPhone app to manage all the millions of details, tasks, clippings, webpages, contracts, random documents and account numbers in my Wedding folders. Being able to use my phone to plan, organize, prioritize, schedule, attach documents and photos (contracts, wedding dress samples) was this overwhelmed bride’s gift from heaven.

Here’s what my Wedding portfolio and the project folders looked like (the ones that fit on the screen, at least):

iphone app planning

How I Used It

First, I entered a deadline to my overall Wedding portfolio – August 10, wedding day. Next, I turned a To Do list into project folders and estimated every task. Then, the LP app did all the calculations and gave me my ranged estimates for every item.

Here’s something a binder can’t do – let me know when I needed to get a list of songs together ASAP (the red flame icon). This helpful kick in my butt got me rolling and then, happily tapping “Mark Done …” to cross another task off my list.


Another big convenience was being able to attach photos, documents and websites to specific tasks from my iPhone. Especially for the wedding dress project. I could open photos and links (as well as attach them) to show friends, advisors and sales people examples of dresses I liked and stores I was curious about. Also, I invited my wedding planner and a couple trusted friends into my workspace so they could add their comments or add links and photos of their recommendations.


Things move fast and change often when planning a wedding. So being able to easily drag-and-drop priorities kept me feeling focused in the land of a million details that is wedding planning. As our CEO Liz Pearce wrote in a blog post, there are a lot of similarities between wedding planning and professional project management.


I was ecstatic to be getting married, but the details of all the decisions that go into creating a wedding celebration just about brought me to my knees at times. Along the way, everyone warned me: Something will go wrong so be ready for it. I was ready for it, too. And here’s what went wrong on the big day: nothing. Absolutely nothing. Luck? Planning? I’ll take it!

And then, there was one more fun part to plan.


It was the first time I showed up at a hotel and didn’t worry about not having my confirmation number.