How to Create a Marketing Editorial Calendar Using LiquidPlanner

Team LiquidPlanner | April 2, 2014

marketing editorial calendar
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Many marketing teams and more specifically, those who have a set schedule of content that needs to be published at certain times, can appreciate the effectiveness of an editorial calendar. Excel sheets can get messy and I’m here to tell you – there’s a better way.

Here’s how to set up your LiquidPlanner workspace to create a marketing editorial calendar:

editorial calendar - project

As you can see, I set things up by week and created a task for each day of the work week. Within each daily task, I have my days’ worth of posts already written and in the order of when I’ll post them. I’ve given all my items deadlines, as signified by the black diamonds in the schedule bars. As posts are submitted, I just check off each checklist item so I know what’s next!

editorial calendar - task2

For a calendar view of your editorial calendar – based on when your content is scheduled to go live – set your Deadline and Delay Until to the publishing day.

editorial calendar - cal view2

And voila! You have your editorial calendar nestled nicely in-between all of your other tasks.