Todd Talks with Chase Jarvis, CEO of CreativeLive

I am thrilled to have Chase Jarvis as a guest on our show! He’s a renowned photographer and the CEO and founder of CreativeLive, the largest learning platform in the world for creators and entrepreneurs—that’s 3 billion minutes of video education for more than 10 million students. Pretty impressive.

Chase and I discuss the opportunities and pressures we face in managing our personal and business lives, and why it’s important to stay true to yourself, follow your dreams, be present, and forge your own path—you never know where it will lead.

Chase will tell you he’s an artist, not a traditional technologist. However, he’s learned that the art of mastering your skill can be leveraged and applied to many other areas in your life. He was on a career and school path that really didn’t reflect his authentic self. Being the first in his family to go to college was a huge deal, but also came with a lot of pressure. He learned quickly that success only comes when you live a true and authentic life. Chase followed his deep passion for photography, leaving medical school and a potential professional soccer career behind. He rapidly acquired the skills to become one of the top earners in the competitive world of photography, working for Apple, Adobe, Mercedes, Nike, and many more marquis brands. He then took his passion for photography to launch the first photo-sharing mobile app, which won App of the Year in the iTunes Store. Taking his learning from his app experience, he launched CreativeLive, where entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, and Brené Brown have shared their stories.

As entrepreneurs, we face many pressures as we build businesses, raise capital, and lead a team. With any business, you have to love the process, whether that’s learning, failing, or living in the unknown. Too many of us focus on the destination but forget to enjoy the journey. Chase tells us that the only thing you can do wrong is pretending you won’t face change every day—it’s just a part of life. He recommends conditioning yourself in lightweight ways over time to handle the small stuff; otherwise, the smallest things will stress you out, and the big things will kill you.

The reality is we all want to show up every day and live our best lives. But, how do you show up every day and be the best person you can for your team, family, friends, and work? Chase believes there is a direct correlation between health and wellness and performance. You should be prioritizing and giving yourself basic things like a full night’s sleep, good nutrition, and exercise. If you can’t show up for yourself in your own life, how can you show up for others?

The practice of mindfulness is something Chase claims gives him his edge in business and life. It’s the science of being present and aware. He shares the benefits of meditation to better health, focus, happiness, and productivity. He compares meditation to how athletes use visualization in sports, giving them the mental toughness to compete. Finally, he shares the secret to success…it’s all in our minds. We just need to focus and be present, and good things will come our way.

Listen to the full interview below where Chase shares more interesting lessons from his life and talks about some of the favorite people he’s photographed over the years.

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