How to Track Time and Log Progress Using LiquidPlanner

Keiko Borkenhagen | July 3, 2013

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Have you ever created a well-intentioned to-do list for the week, but by the end of the week you were asking, “Why did I only get two things checked off?” This happens to me, and I often wonder why time seemed to slip away so quickly.


And then LiquidPlanner entered my life! No longer do I feel like time is slipping away. Gone are days of feeling lost in a list of to-do items—I can see my progress!

One of my favorite features in LiquidPlanner is the timesheet view on the My Work tab. Like my paper checklist, the timesheet view shows my list of tasks scheduled for the current week. When I log progress against a task, LiquidPlanner automatically documents the remaining effort estimate for me. So when I see the remaining effort tick down, I get that feeling of “Yesss . . . almost finished!”

Here are the different LP features that have made it easy for me to track my time and see the progress I’m making on my tasks:

  • The timer

    Nothing could be easier than hitting the play button and getting started on work. When I’m finished, I go back to the running timer at the top of the screen, stop the timer and apply that time to my timesheet. Note: Timers display accumulated time in the HH:MM format, starting at the one minute mark.

Time tracking

  • Using my timers and moving between tasks

    On the occasions when I shift focus between tasks, I can hit play on a second task and LP will automatically stop my time on the previous one. You can also add a column in the Projects tab that shows all of your open timers. Just click the gear icon and select “My Timers.”

time tracking for projects

*Note:  I can also switch the timer from task to task from the My Work – Active Tasks view too.

  • The “pin” feature

    I use this feature to keep a task on my timesheet view every week. The pinned task will remain in view from week to week until I unpin it. I find it handy for recurring tasks I track, like checking email, attending meetings and answering support tickets.  Pinning them to my timesheet reminds me to log my time every week.

LiquidPlanner weekly timesheet

This is also especially useful when the recurring tasks are assigned to a virtual member.

Even if you’re already a rock star at checking items off your paper to-do list, maybe you’ve found some helpful takeaways to easily track time in LiquidPlanner. Keep in mind that logging progress in LiquidPlanner helps keeps your project schedule up-to-date. So you won’t just be thanking yourself, your team will be thanking you, too!

Tell us your time tracking tips in Comments.