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Why Integrations Matter to Your Business


It takes a village of apps and services to run a business these days. Teams are constantly seeking the best ways to connect with services that expedite data exchange; they want to receive information in a format that suits their needs, and connect to services that keep them competitive and moving forward.

Without integrations, team members spend extra time working between programs, opening and closing a series of apps and browser windows, and crossing fingers that as information gets moved from one app to another, the content stays intact, and current.

For example, if you don’t have a document sharing service integrated with your project management tool, you can’t update the latest version of a file from a project task and know for certain it’s the latest, greatest version around. Without integrations, cross-purpose teams can’t collaborate in a shared space that shows project updates and status.

With integrations, teams save time, can juggle a variety of task types within one environment and collaborate more fluidly with other team members, clients, customers and vendors.

For example, with email integration you can take an email and turn it into a task or project in your PM software of choice just by entering the correct info, and hitting Send. With integrations, you can create a connection between apps that let cross-discipline teams get the information they need to collaborate and respond to requests in real time.

Here are some more benefits of being well-integrated with the right apps and services:

  • Automate tasks and deliver information between online services. Take Zapier, for example. If you sign up for their web-based service, one of the options you have is to create new LiquidPlanner clients from your PayPal sales.


  • Share documents and collaborate on file versions. Take Dropbox, for example. LiquidPlanner customers can access the latest version of a shared document and attach it to an LP project or task. The benefits of integrating with a file storage system are almost endless: less email back and forth, fewer mistakes due to updates and more collaboration between teams and team members.


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