It’s all over but the pitchin’!

Bruce Henry | January 30, 2008

SM Clear Morning
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SM Clear MorningWe survived!

Smooth sailing for the most part. I can only credit hours and hours and hours of rehearsal. The morning was spectacularly bright and clear and before we went into the green room we stood around outside with John Cook. He’s been posting like a mad man.

Anyway, things went right according to script and then we headed over to the pavilion for the real work. After all, the on-stage demo was just the teaser to get folks in to look at the in-depth demo. Jason’s been rocking the one-on-one demos. We’ve already gotten some great press.

It is now well past midnight and I’m sitting in the lobby bar. The place is still hopping. There are all kinds of tech folks chatting animatedly about all sorts of stuff. I really should be heading for bed, but hell… I can sleep when I’m dead.

The response has been really positive so far. Most folks really “get it”. We’ve even had a few converts who started off thinking of uncertainty as either a gimmick or a crutch and after a few minutes started to be receptive to the idea that it is a key part of what has been missing from project management.

Among the nicer coverage has been in PC World by Ephraim Schwartz and Michael J. Miller in his Forward Thinking blog.

Now I believe I’m going to post this and take one of the kindly folks at this bar up on their offer of wine.