He doesn’t really take up a lot of space in the room. But nonetheless, there’s a palpable difference when well-known Seattle journalist John Cook is in the LiquidPlanner office. He’s been hanging around for a few days now, observing meetings and chatting with the team, as we go through the final stages of prep for DEMO. The point? A chronicle on his blog of “the road to DEMO,” as told through the eyes of a single startup. Of the several other Seattle companies attending (blistEyealike, and others), we’re flattered that he picked us. A little afraid, though, too. (Who knows what Bruce might say?)

John will be attending the conference and shadowing our esteemed presenters through to the end. I’m optimistic that the last post in the series will be a vivid narrative about our acceptance of the coveted DEMOgod award. After all, it’s what we’ve been planning for.

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