July ’10 LiquidPlanner Release

Liz Pearce | July 7, 2010

My Tasks Column
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This release is all about connecting the dots. Have you ever looked at your calendar and wondered what tasks you had to squeeze in between all those meetings?

With LiquidPlanner’s new calendar integration feature, you’ll be able to tell whether you’re facing a manageable week or if you’ll have to work overtime to get everything done. Simply click the link on your “my tasks” page, and set up your desktop, iPhone, or iPad calendar to show your LiquidPlanner scheduled tasks. Your calendar and your LiquidPlanner tasks will stay in sync, even when things shift around or are marked done, so you can be more connected than ever.

LiquidPlanner Calendar Integration

And for all of you “My Tasks” loyalists, your daily to-do list just became even more useful. Now, you’ll see the promise date next to each of your scheduled tasks. If your promise date is inherited from a project or tasklist, it will appear in gray; an explicit promise date will be black; a promise date you’re at risk of missing will be red. We hope this addition will save you a few clicks each day. Promise dates appear on the upcoming Report now, too.

My Tasks Column

In addition to performance improvements and several key bug fixes, here are a few other changes you might notice:

  • Better drop-down menus (scroll bars are back!);
  • Events for “everyone” now appear on timesheets;
  • No more LiquidPlanner logo on PDF schedule printouts;
  • Importing estimates is easier (if you don’t specify a unit, your workspace default unit will be used);
  • API tweaks and improvements.

Questions about the release? Contact support.