July Release Notes: Much Ado About Nothing

Liz Pearce | July 23, 2012

July 2012 Release 1
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Last Friday’s release put some finishing touches on our newest feature: LiquidPlanner Analytics. When it comes to analytics, “Nothing” is actually surprisingly important. When a value in a report is “None,” it usually indicates that data needs to be cleaned up in order for the report to be completely accurate.

To that end, you told us that you needed to drill into the lines in your reports that show “missing” data. For example, you might pull a report with:

  • Projects not assigned to a client
  • Tasks not associated with a project
  • Team members not assigned to a team
  • Projects without a custom field value

July 2012 Release 1

Now, you can drill into those “No ________” lines in your reports to find out exactly what data needs to be cleaned up. We took the idea one step further and added the ability to filter to negative values from the project view. Easier data cleanup is now at your fingertips!

July 2012 Release 2


A few other updates in this release:

  • You can move attached documents from one item to another;
  • You can choose the columns you want included in the PDF Snapshot of your plan (Bonus: your PDF is in color!);
  • Overdrive resources are handled correctly in Analytics;
  • Improved performance for plan exports and trend reports;
  • Improved navigation when assigning dependencies through the detailed edit pane;
  • Easier invitation acceptance for invited workspace members and portal guests.

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