June Release: New Analytics Features, Monday Start, Magnetism

Charles Seybold | June 18, 2012

LiquidPlanner Project Cost Report
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We’ve had incredibly positive feedback on the recent launch of LiquidPlanner Analytics – we’re glad you like it and hope that you will continue to let us know what you’d like to see added.

With this update, we bring you additional analytics features, as well as some other great features that have been waiting patiently on our Wish List.

LiquidPlanner Analytics – New Financial Columns

LiquidPlanner Project Cost Report

Feel free to let your inner accountant loose and start analyzing project costs. We’ve added ten cost related columns so you can slice-n-dice billable, non-billable, and pay calculations. The best column is the new “$ Delta Bill vs. Pay”, which tells you if you’re making (or losing) money on your projects.

Cost calculations are driven by rate sheets. We have split the old single rate sheet into two separate sheets (one for billing and one for pay) to make administration easier. (If you were using the single rate sheet for both pay and billing rates, you’ll find that we have broken out the billing rates into a separate sheet for you.)

LiquidPlanner Analytics – Download Reports in a Snazzy PDF Format

LiquidPlanner Generate Report

PDF Reports have been a very popular feature request. You can now download an Analytics report as a PDF file. Each time you download, you will get a fresh update based on the latest data.

The PDF includes your logo, an optional report description, the summary graph, and all the rows matching the filter. It’s a very easy process that provides a portable report you can send to your team, clients, or the big shot in the corner office.

Click here to see a sample PDF report.

LiquidPlanner Analytics – Custom Floating Ranges

LiquidPlanner Dynamic Reporting

Many of you asked for custom floating date ranges, so we’ve given you a way to build your own. Want to see 3 days back and 5 days forward? Now you can with “Custom Range (+/-)” in the date picker on the Report Builder page.

LiquidPlanner Analytics – How Late Is That Project?

LiquidPlanner Deadline Management

We thought it would be nice to see how many days late (or early) a project or task is, so we added the new “Delta Deadline [90%]” column in the Report Builder. It shows the number of days (+/-) between the Deadline and the Finish [90%] date. Like all analysis columns, it’s sortable so that you can get right to the good (or bad) news.

From the Wish List: “Hey Yanks, We Start Work on Monday!”

This took us a while, so apologies to our international planners. Now you can finally set your LiquidPlanner week start to Monday (or Saturday, or Sunday). This is a workspace setting and it affects all calendars, timesheets, and date controls. We’ve set our workspace to start on Monday, and I have to say, it’s the best way to go.

From the Wish List: “We Have a Strong Magnetic Attraction (Or Maybe Not)”

We added a workspace setting so that now workspace owners can decide if they want their workspace to use a feature called magnetism, or not. Magnetism affects the display of packaged tasks.

When Magnetism is turned ON, packaged tasks in projects folders will change position (pull north or south) based on how the related package is prioritized. When Magnetism is turned OFF, the position of the task in the project folder is left unchanged.

Magnetism does not affect your schedule dates either way, so feel free to turn it on or off, and decide for yourself if you’re in the love it or leave it camp.

Learn more more about Packaging and Magnetism in the Help Guide.

From the Wish List:  Box Integration for Enhanced File Management

Now you can manage and store your files in Box, and attach them to any plan item in LiquidPlanner.  Read more in a dedicated blog post:

LiquidPlanner + Box = Seamless Online Project Management and Documentation