LiquidPlanner Analytics: One-Click Project Intelligence

Liz Pearce | May 22, 2012

Analytics Activity
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Introducing our newest online project management feature: the Custom Report Builder! We think you’re going to like it (truth be told, we think you’re going to love it).

LiquidPlanner Analytics is about giving you the tools you need to answer the thousands of questions you might have about the important work your project team is doing. I’m not talking about the kind of static, canned reports you’re used to. I’m talking about getting instant insights about the data in your workspace, customized and up to date in real-time, delivered in seconds in your browser, and easier to use than any other reporting tool out there. Sound interesting? Allow me to break things down and tell you more.

Instant Answers to Your Burning Project Management Questions

Analytics Report TypesYour team has a unique way of planning and measuring your work, so it’s a good bet that your reporting needs are unique, too. LiquidPlanner Analytics enables you to report on any dimension in your already-customized workspace with a single click, including:

  • Projects
  • People
  • Teams
  • Clients
  • Tasks
  • Activities
  • Custom Fields

This allows you to answer your own personal version of the most common reporting questions, like maybe:

How have we been spending our time this month? (Activity Report)

Analytics Activity

Which client drove the most billable hours last month? (Client Report)

Analytics Client Billable

How much available time does my team have next month? (Team or Person Report)

Analytics Workload

The Dates, Metrics, and Data Sets You Care About

Clicking on any of your workspace dimensions will generate a report in one click. Then it’s up to you to tweak the report to give you exactly what you want. You can:

  • Change the date range (quick or custom range)
  • Select the columns/metrics you want to see and drag/drop them into the right order
  • Filter down to a smaller set of data (just like in your projects view)
  • Sort columns (also instantly flips the data graph)

These simple, familiar controls offer major control over what your report looks like. If you like what you’ve done, just save the report and find it again later on the sortable Saved Reports list. Share with other managers in your workspace, or export to CSV on your computer (PDF download coming soon).

Analytics Controls

Keeping It Real(-Time)

The reports are fast. Small ones are really, really fast. Big ones (like reports for all time, past and future) take a couple seconds.  Also, the reports are always up-to-date with the most recent schedule changes and inputs from all members in your workspace.

And one more shortcut is my personal favorite: you can drill in and out of reports to virtually bounce around your data and find out what you need to know.

Did We Say Easy?

There’s no training required to become a project super analyst. Once you finish reading this blog post, you can log into LiquidPlanner, click on Analytics in your workspace, and pretty much do it all. If you want the full list of data columns available for each new report type, we’ve got ‘em over in the support section.

Happy Analyzing!