LiquidPlanner August Release: Your New Streamlined Edit Panel

Tatyana Sussex | August 20, 2014

edit panel
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You’ve probably noticed that your Edit Panel has a new look and feel. What’s going on?We did a little updating and reorganizing for you. For one, we streamlined the design to increase visibility into the project fields that you use the most. We also wanted to give you a quicker and easier way to access important and relevant project information.

To get you into the swing of things, here’s a walkthrough of the Edit Panel changes:

  • A more streamlined, updated design.
  • Easier access to highly used fields.
  • The Details section was reorganized and divvied into more logical sections.
  • There’s a new Planning section designed specifically for making scheduling updates, like estimating and logging progress.
  • The item name is more prominent, and easier to access and update.
  • The timers are located at the top of the Edit Panel, next to the task name.
  • The Description field is located closer to the item’s title.
  • Increased visibility for laptop users.

A lot of these upgrades were responses to customer feedback, but these changes also improve performance. For more Edit Panel details, check out this help article.