LiquidPlanner + Box – Seamless Online Project Management and Documentation

Liz Pearce | June 21, 2012

Attach Box File To Project
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Our most recent software release was packed full of handy features, but the one we’re most excited about is our brand-spanking new integration with Box, a ground-breaking leader in online content management for the enterprise. If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve uploaded, previewed, or downloaded a document stored on Box sometime in the recent past. That’s because over 82% of Fortune 500 companies—and thousands of others—use it to securely collaborate on content with their internal and external teams.

For the first time, LiquidPlanner customers can take advantage of Box’s advanced document management features, including desktop sync, document versioning, document permissions, and more, within the context of their LiquidPlanner project workspace. You can attach documents stored (and shared) on Box to any project, sub-project, task, event, milestone, or package in LiquidPlanner instantly, without ever leaving your workspace.

Attach Box File To Project

And by attaching the documents you have stored on Box to LiquidPlanner plan items, you can rest easy knowing that your project team always has access to the most recent version of your critical files, which might include:

  • Project functional or technical specs
  • Creative briefs or job proposals
  • Graphic files / assets
  • Team process documentation
  • Metrics / KPI spreadsheets
  • Background research

The bottom line? Now you can have a one-stop shop for everyone on the team to pick up work assignments, track time, collaborate with team members, and work with project collateral and documentation. Cool stuff.

If you’re longing for advanced document management features to make your projects run more smoothly in LiquidPlanner, create your free Box account today.

Learn more about the LiquidPlanner / Box integration.