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Bye-bye random sticky notes, lost email reminders, and steps that slip through the cracks.

At LiquidPlanner, we’ve been kicking up our heels over a new feature that keeps our workspaces tidy, and helps us stay on top of our tasks: Checklists!


Checklists are like your tasks’ quality-control to-do lists. They help you track all the important details within a task, including any hand-offs, sign-offs or review steps that are necessary to complete your tasks. You can assign checklist items to other team members, reorder them with drag-n-drop, and copy the entire list into similar tasks.

Here are some quick and easy steps to using checklists.

The basics: Entering checklist items

  • Go to the edit panel of a task to find the new checklist section.
  • Start entering your checklist steps in the Item column.
  • Assign the task to the person responsible for the step in the Assigned To column.
  • Keep adding checklist items to your heart’s content.



Using the checklist tools: the fun stuff

Drag and drop checklists: You can change the order of your list by grabbing the checklist icon , and dragging and dropping the item anywhere you want to put it.



Enter bulk lists in one window: If you have a substantial list to enter, you can click or tap the “Add multiple items” icon, and pound out your list there.



Copy checklists: If you have tasks with repeating workflows, you can copy checklists from one task to the next. Click or tap the “Copy checklist” icon,  select and copy that list of items (or any particular ones), go to the second task, open “Add multiple items” there, and paste your list in.



Checklists integrated with tasks in “My Work”
You can tell if you’re expected to help with someone’s checklist if a task has the orange and white star icon next to it.


And when you’re done with a checklist item? Click the checkbox to the left of the item, and one more to-do is crossed off your list!

For more details and juice on using checklists, see our support teams more detailed Checklists page.