How LiquidPlanner Helps Successfully Manage Digital Agency Projects

Team LiquidPlanner | September 10, 2014

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LiquidPlanner is a powerful asset to any digital agency, and will help you and your team stay on top of a wide range of projects. Most importantly, using LP helps you keep your clients happy and your team engaged in their work.

Here, we’ll show you LP serves as effective agency management software so you can deliver successful projects—consistently and reliably—for your clients.

Collaborate fluidly and productively as a team and with clients

Sometimes staying on the same page with everyone on your team and the client is the hardest part. LiquidPlanner has a robust set of social and collaboration tools that keep everyone communicating throughout a project. From comments around a specific task to shared documents that spawn debate, everyone on your team has visibility into project tasks and their priorities. This communication and collaboration deepens connections to the work and moves projects forward faster. When information is freed from its silos, you’re also freed from a spiral of miscommunication. Instead, your team can act like the superstars they are, and work more fluidly and productively with the client.

Here’s an example of a full transparent view of a list of active projects. Everyone on the team—and the client as well—can see the project and task status, and dig into each folder for more information, as well.

digital agency project set up
Meet project demands on every level of the organization

Many agency project management solutions focus solely on the top levels of an organization and pay little attention to facilitating the work that’s being done. Consequently, filling out fields seems detached from the work produced by your team. This eventually leads to less engagement with your project management tool and ultimately, poor analytics from the solution. Basically, no one’s happy.

LiquidPlanner is unique because it helps every level of the organization meet the demands of projects while also focusing on the work itself. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Priority-based scheduling empowers your team members to prioritize their tasks and account for the multiple projects they’re working on. Our scheduling engine is one of the most advanced in the business. You don’t enter start and finish dates. All you do is create your tasks, estimate how long they’ll take to complete (ex. 2-4 hours) and then drag them into priority order. LiquidPlanner does the rest. Using hardcore mathematics, LiquidPlanner calculates a range of probable start and finish dates for each of your tasks, and aggregates those projections up to your projects. Don’t worry, you can still use deadline dates to alert team members when they’re at risk of missing key deliverables.
  • Advanced timesheet functionality comes built into every LiquidPlanner subscription. Team members don’t have to toggle back and forth between software programs to plan projects and then track their time.


  • Powerful reports and analytics can be quickly run on projects in your portfolio complete with granular filtering capabilities. You can save reports to run later, or run baseline reports that allow you to see how your team’s projects have evolved over time. This way, you always know what your team is working on and how your business is tracking toward its goals.Here’s an example of a workload report:
Manage team resources accurately

The members of your team—designers, software developers, writers—are the true value of your business. They produce the products you sell, and win over even the most demanding client with their talent and vision. Making sure they have the right balance of work so that they’re productively engaged but not overwhelmed is critical. LP references member availability to do automatic resource leveling. It’s impossible for a person to be over-booked because the LP scheduler pushes out task start dates to respect availability.

Meeting the demands of your clients and winning new business in the marketplace is a challenge for any digital agency. Give your team a leg up by making LiquidPlanner your competitive advantage.